Welcome to Smithany.com, a super simple 'as a service' website that does a few basic businessy things.

At present you will find the following:

Date Math - Calculate the number of days between two dates. Check Form Writing - Spelling out a dollar amount in English. Amortization Schedule - Calculate the amortization schedule for a loan. What is different here?
Other solutions are not frictionless and sometimes lack features people might need.

What does that mean?
Regarding the amortization schedule for example, here you can go forwards, AND backwards. Imagine you were negotiating a car loan and you knew the monthly payment someone anticipated making ... this will allow you to do things like that and back into the amount of car (or other asset) you can buy, where you dont have all the pieces of the puzzle but given the minimum parameters, still calculate an amortization.

What does date math do that others don't?
1 page does 2 things. Other services tend to require multiple subsequent requests out, requiring internet connection to remain active in order to continue working. Multiple durations can be saved and copied.

How does check form writing help?
May help non native speakers write checks, or people drafting legal documents without vba access.

Why is the site in dark mode? Not my taste.
Themes will be added, and the site will soon default to your `prefers-color-scheme` (fix will follow). Styling and usability improvements on horizon.

What else to expect?.
Esc key usually clears all values. Other 'common sense' hotkeys will be implemented and expect to see alternative approaches to business problems featured in a blog format?? Small feautre additions, better styling and responsible mobile design and we may even release a 'standalone electron app' for truly offline use. For now, this is offered free without any hope for pecuniary upside but we may have a 'donation jar' in the future.